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"To us, trips feel like we're out doing the things we love with a group of good friends and that's exactly how it is at Hidden Valleys."
- Grant South (Southy)

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Tailored Training Scheduals for Sports Teams

We see many people choosing to use man-made, contrived challenges to get the most out of sports teams or work groups.We’ve found that there’s nothing that matches the forces of nature; the mountains, rivers and forests.

A long standing relationship with Australian Rules teams was formed in the early 1990s when Southy put together a mountain hike as part of an extended programme, designed to challenge the players. Years on, many players from that era are now coaching. One such person is Alistair Clarkson, Senior Coach of the Melbourne Hawks. His teams have enjoyed good success on both accessions following the training camps Hidden Valleys has hosted.

With constantly evolving, new technology, it is good to get people out in what we call true beauty. There is nothing like the mental toughness required to get to the top of a mountain or your ability to find your positive state of mind in adverse conditions. In the river environment, we find the positive confidence to say we are going to deal to the river and its rapids and not the other way around.

Whether you’re a small, valued work team, or a full sports team, we can tailor a superb, team building, confidence boosting adventure that will also boost your physical fitness. Call us now!

We have been participating in AFL training camps over the past twenty five years which have taken us to all parts of the world, including New Zealand. On the four occasions that we have come to the South Island, we have chosen to engage the services of our old mountain goat buddy Grant South (Southy), from Hidden Valleys.

The Peel Forest crew that Southy manages have looked after all the AFL lads we have brought across from North Melbourne, Port Adelaide and more recently, Hawthorn. The players enjoy outstanding scenery and learn to appreciate the great features of the New Zealand landscape. Of critical importance is the fact that they leave the country safe, well fed and well looked after. Southy involves the assistance of his Peel Forest community for our camps and this helps make the experience even more beneficial and special for us. The next time we decide to visit New Zealand, I’ll be phoning my friend the mountain goat!

Alastair Clarkson – Hawthorn Senior Coach