Hidden Valleys New Zealand Safety

We love our jobs, we love New Zealand and we love hiking, exploring and rafting, but we don’t go anywhere if it’s not safe – end of story! Your safety is as important to us as it is to you.

Hidden Valleys an approved rafting operator registered the under New Zealand Maritime Safety Law and is a member of the New Zealand Rafting Association.
Grant South (Southy), the owner of Hidden Valleys, initiated the New Zealand Rafting industry workshops, which has resulted in increased levels of safety and fostered an environment in which professional guides now operate. He was also responsible for writing some of the Unit Standards on the National Qualifications Framework. Southy is a National Assessor and Senior Assessor Mentor for the New Zealand rafting industry.

Our guides are local, loyal and dedicated professionals who have a depth of experience both nationally and internationally. Not only have they worked together for years, they continue to contribute to the wider industry as a whole.

Our Safety Procedures

All our trips are subject to weather and river conditions. Plane and helicopter flights are weather dependent and decisions for flying conditions are made on the day.

Full safety briefings and practical instructions are provided for all our trips. Communciation devices are carried on all trips.

At least two guides are taken on all departures and a Mountain Radio is carried at all times. For river trips of grade 4/5, a minimum of two rafts and three guides are used.  One of these guides will operate as a safety kayaker, an important member of our safety team.

River Grade Classification

Classification of Rapids according to the International Rapid Grading System

Grades are approximate, rather than a definitive measure of a rapid’s seriousness, difficulty, or degree of danger.

Grade 1
Rapids are small, regular waves and an easy passage to pass through with no obstructions.

Grade 2
Rapids have regular, medium sized waves.  The passage to pass through is generally unobstructed, although there may be some rocks or obstacles.

Grade 3
Rapids with fairly high waves (1-2 metres).  There will be some definite river features such as strong eddies, stopper waves, exposed rocks, small drops.  A passage may be harder to recognise and some manoeuvring is required to negotiate.

Grade 4
Difficult rapids with high, powerful, irregular waves, definite river features broken and boily water.  Some hazards.  The passage is often hard to recognise and precise and sequential manoeuvring is required.

Grade 5
Very powerful rapids and strong current.  There may be numerous obstacles.  Precise, powerful sequential manoeuvring is required.  A definite risk to personal safety exists.

Grade 6
Near impossible to navigate.  Life threatening.

– Information extract from New Zealand Rafting Association