Nic Twaddle

Nick first started working for Hidden Valleys in 2004, after a stint in Japan honing his rafting skills. Nic is Southy’s cousin and has a broad background in guiding or instructing, tramping, kayaking, surfing and rafting. Despite his marketing degree, we know that it would be a crime to shut him indoors! In 2009, Nic furthered his international experience by working in Switzerland for six weeks. He also helped make the documentary African Odyssey, about his adventures from Cape Town to London by motorbike. In all, Nic is a true host: very pleasant to be around and very confident and comfortable out on the rivers that we run.

“My favourite part of being a Hidden Valleys guide is sitting down with the guests after a rewarding day on the river to enjoy any one of the range of great meals cooked on the open fire (especially the venison burgers or stew) – all of which are cooked over the hot embers of the fire, and just relaxing together around the magic ambiance that an open fire provides. As you can see it is a hard life as a Hidden Valleys river guide.

As a river guide it is rare to have such variation in the places you get to work. Although all of New Zealand’s rivers are beautiful (and long may they remain that way) Hidden Valleys adventures are on rivers that are definitely worth visiting and they are some of New Zealand’s most remote areas in general not just remote rivers. Imagine being away from cell phones, computers all the dramas accompanied with being in the real world, and to just be relaxing next to a river enjoying gourmet food as you sip on a wine and the guides entertain your kids trying to catch a trout or an eel, this is a Hidden Valleys river adventure.

If you are considering joining us for an outdoor holiday, stop considering and give us a ring it will be the best thing you do this year!”