Bob McLachlan (Big Water Bob)

Everybody loves Bob and he’s basically unruffable, even in the most challenging situations. Bob, like Southy, has spent twenty years in the international and New Zealand rafting industry and was on the 2000 team as team guide with Southy. He’s guided in Norway, USA and in Nepal, where he earned his name Big Water Bob. Being one of the fittest guys you’ll ever meet, Bob is not one to sit still for long. Bob’s also had plenty of years guiding adventure trips in New Zealand, so knows all the great spots that you as visitors are keen to visit. Of late he has excelled in Waka Ama racing as well as revisiting raft racing. A tower of strength in the outdoors, he’s one of the most cheerful guys you’ll ever meet.

You don’t work for Hidden Valleys: you work with them.  With the team there, you always know someone is there for you, as you are for them, both on and off the water.  This brings with it a feeling of being on a trip with friends, not only for the guides, but for our clients as well.  Every trip is a pleasure with Southy and Hidden Valleys.

Bob (Guide)