Southlanders Master Rafting the Landsborough River

Friday, April 11th, 2014

What a great day out rafting on the Landsborough River with Dave Hodgson’s group from Invercargill! It started with a 4am departure from Geraldine for Hidden Valleys guides Southy, Sam and safety kayaker Owen. We picked up a Mountain Radio in Hawea and then it was on to Makarora to meet the crew and pilot from Back Country Helicopters for the flight in.

Landsborough River Rafting Team

Victorious through the rapids on the Landsborough River

As soon as you meet a group you get an idea of how the day will go, and these guys were no exception. From the start they were good natured, helpful and full of enthusiasm. Our helicopter flight in to reach the river was awesome as usual, offering spectacular views of the Southern Alps. Once we were at the headwaters of the Landsborough River we were surrounded by big snow-capped mountains, and the weather was as clear as the waters we were rafting on. To raft the whole Landsborough in one day is no mean feat; there are lots of rapids so we were really on the move!

There were four people in each raft, even husband and wife teams with matching coloured helmets! The rapids went well with only one person having a brief swim. We stopped for lunch at Harper Bluff before departing for the flat water stretch and back to our vehicles.

The group really enjoyed being in the back country and are thinking about taking on the Waiatoto River rafting trip next year. Let’s do it!

Dave and his team experienced the 1 day Landsborough River White Water Rafting Trip with a Helicopter flight into the headwaters.

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