Rafting the Waimakariri River

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Recently a good bunch of people from around New Zealand and Australia gathered at Grasmere Lodge for a ‘family’ get-together and a chance to raft the Waimakariri River with Hidden Valleys.

River guides Southy and Jonesy arrived at the Lodge just as everyone was finishing their cooked breakfast. Following a briefing about the Waimak Gorge, it was time to load up the rafting gear and climb aboard with Rod Bennett of High Country


and drive across the Waimak and down towards Mount White Station. After a stint of real 4wd action they stopped alongside the Poulter River, which was the starting point for the rafting trip.

With 7 people in Southy’s raft and 6 in Jonesy’s raft they travelled down the Poulter to the Waimak and then on to the Waimak Gorge. Nice river flows and good conditions made it a great day for river rafting. After a relaxing and enjoyable river-side lunch it was time to head into the main part of the Gorge. There was wavy action amongst the twists and turns of the rock wall and then a stop off for a drink from Salmon Falls. The youngest member of the group enjoyed swimming and floating alongside the rafts for a bit despite the water temperature.

After 3 hours of the best parts of the Waimak, and a wonderful time on the river the group was met by their 4WD shuttles at Pig Gully and it was another interesting trip back to the comforts of Grasmere Lodge.






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