Al Moore of Rafting and Moore

Al is our mountain goat. Apart from being an extremely valued industry colleague who has freely given his time over the years for the benefit of the rafting industry, he’s also a qualified mountain guide with a wealth of mountaineering and rafting experience. He’s climbed many of New Zealand’s highest and is very hands on in the outdoor training of people in both mountain and river running through New Zealand’s Polytech and Canterbury Mountaineering club. Al is from the ‘school’ of realism and demands high standards of those he teaches, as well as his industry peers. He is currently on the New Zealand Rafting Association’s Executive Committee. On a mountain pass trip like the Dennistoun, where we hike in and raft out, Al’s our man – none finer. When you’re accompanied by a man like Al, who has lived and worked in the back country for as long as he has, you’ll probably find yourself exceeding your own expectations of your abilities!