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"To us, trips feel like we're out doing the things we love with a group of good friends and that's exactly how it is at Hidden Valleys."
- Grant South (Southy)

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River Rafting in New Zealand

Multi-Day South Island Rafting Tours

Multi-Day river rafting trips amongst New Zealand’s most beautiful outback country is what we are most passionate about.

On multi-day river rafting tours with Hidden Valleys New Zealand, you get the opportunity to really absorb your surroundings, and no matter which river rafting tour you choose, the backdrop is truly breathtaking. Multi-day river rafting isn’t necessarily about rapids and white water, but about getting away from modern distractions and sharing the experience with the company of friends and family: both out on the river and around the campfire in the evenings.

We run a gear boat so we can transport our personal and camp gear down the river, allowing plenty of room for many of the home comforts you may only dream of carrying on a camping trip. This also leaves our paddle rafts light for good manoeuvring, or the option of resting up on the gear boat which is paddled by a guide using oars.

We carry chillers for meat and fresh produce, with a wide variety of breads, sauces and energy boosting snacks. Fresh, riverside breakfast and dinner feasts you would not think possible are created daily in a camp oven.

We have a large range of multi-day river rafting tours to suit all ages and abilities. Choose from the 2-day Waimakariri River Rafting Tour, ideal for beginners, the intermediate 3-day Waiau River Rafting Tour, or the exhilarating 3-day Landsborough River Rafting Tour offering plenty of White water rapids.

If you want to spend longer on your adventure the 5-day Clarence River Rafting Tour might appeal. If you’re after peaceful isolation, try the 4-day Grey River Rafting Tour or the 3-day Waiatoto River Rafting Tour.

With so much on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Check our South Island river map to locate each river.

Enjoy river rafting tours in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island with Hidden Valleys.