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"To us, trips feel like we're out doing the things we love with a group of good friends and that's exactly how it is at Hidden Valleys."
- Grant South (Southy)

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White Water Heli-Rafting in New Zealand

One-Day South Island West Coast Rafting Trips

Hidden Valleys introduces you to the West Coast’s white water heli rafting experience of a lifetime! New Zealand’s West Coast is geologically young and constantly changing. The landscape has challenged its settlers and visitors for more than a century. The nature of these places and our adventures means you definitely need to be up for a challenge.

Known not only for the quality of the water, but also for its untouched scenery and vibrant landscapes, you must picture yourself drifting through quiet stretches of deep blue pools, surrounded by house sized boulders and dense native bush nestled beneath the Southern Alps.

The Heli-Rafting experience exposes you to seldom explored scenery and ‘hidden valleys’. The remoteness of the river gorges makes access to the put-in a truly moving helicopter flight (or for the fit, days of hiking). Enjoying the peacefulness of these places is a large part of the journey we share with you.

Our Heli-Rafting trips on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island have been designed for people looking for excitement away from large groups, while experiencing some of New Zealand’s best scenery and white water.

You are most welcome to join one of our scheduled departures, or if travelling in a group we can organise trips for dates that are convenient for you. Alternatively, you can choose to fly into any of the other rivers we raft.

All heli-rafting day trips include helicopter flights, lunch and rafting.

Rafting Ability

These white water rafting trips are suitable for fitter people with a sense of outdoor adventure. You must be confident in water to safely and comfortably undertake these trips. A minimum age may apply.

Accommodation and Getting There

The hospitality of ‘Coasters’ is truly distinctive and no trip to the West Coast is complete without meeting with local characters. We are happy to provide recommendations for your stay and can arrange transport/accommodation to destinations of your choice.

If you wish for a more personally guided experience, Southy will guide and escort you from your arrival point to the West Coast.

If you’re looking for something for less experienced rafters, check out our River Rafting Day Trips.

Enjoy white water heli rafting on New Zealand’s West Coast with Hidden Valleys.